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The Slick Examples repository contains a ready-to-run sbt project with simple, documented Slick programs.

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2014-02-05 Slick 2.0 Webinar

2014-02-03 Database Access with Slick (at Amsterdam.scala)

2013-12-04 So Slick! An introduction. At Scala User Group Berlin Brandenburg

2013-12-03 Patterns for Slick database applications at Scala eXchange 2013

2013-09-25 Scaling Scala to the Database

2013-09-17 Slick SQL interaction in Scala at ny-scala

2013-07-17 Database Access with Slick (ScalapeƱo 2013)

2013-06-12 Slick vs ORM (ScalaDays 2013)

2012-11-20 Slick database access with Scala (Scala Exchange 2012)

2012-10-17 Slick presentation at Bay Area Scala Enthusiasts

Scala Language Integrated Connection Kit - Milestone 1

Talk by Jan Christopher Vogt & Stefan Zeiger at Scala Days 2012

Relationell auch ohne SQL

Talk in German about ScalaQuery by Stefan Zeiger at Herbstcampus 2011